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Musculoskeletal pain, such as tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and muscle strains are classic overuse injuries that are often the result of prolonged muscle imbalances and joint asymmetries. Many times, the overlying location of pain is not the site of the underlying cause of these common musculoskeletal disorders.  For example, a patient having difficulty bending forward to put on their shoes has a complaint of lower back pain.  Upon assessment, it is determined that this particular patient has a primary movement dysfunction at their hips – decreased hip flexion.  Because of a lack of hip mobility, one may compensate for this specific movement dysfunction, by excessively moving at their lower back to touch their toes, thus resulting in lower back pain.


The overlying symptom is the lower back pain, but the underlying cause of the problem is the hip stiffness. Therefore, treating this particular individual’s lower back, without identifying and correcting the hip problem, would be failing to address the cause.  As a consequence, this particular patient will most likely continue to experience lower back pain.


At Enchanted Lake Physical Therapy, we are all about treating and addressing the cause of our patient’s pain and musculoskeletal impairments.  Just as you would seek out a dentist for a tooth ache, you would seek out a physical therapist for a movement dysfunction. As movement experts, our evidence based programs are designed to empower patients with the ability to identify their movement dysfunctions, the skills to correct their movement dysfunctions, and the knowledge to control their symptoms and return to a meaningful lifestyle.


You do not have to be experiencing pain to seek out the services of a physical therapist. We can take a preventative approach to address the small problems before they turn into bigger, painful problems. Take the preventative steps to improving your function and lifestyle by calling us at 808-262-2292 for a functional movement assessment/consultation.  No physician referral required.





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